2022 Chevy Bolt: The Next-Gen Chevy Bolt EUV Preview

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2022 Chevy Bolt The Chevy’s Bolt EV gets a change in appearance and a bigger brother. To date, Chevy has discussed – but is not showing off – the upcoming Bolts. Today the automaker is giving us a glimpse of both vehicles with a video showing the regular 2022 Bolt transforming into the taller 2022 EUV Bolt.

The Bolt EUV will be the first Chevy to offer the GM Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance system. Currently only available in the Cadillac lineup. This will put the electric crossover in direct competition with the Tesla Model Y and Tesla’s Autopilot range.

The vehicle is scheduled to go into production in the summer of 2021. If the plan goes ahead, it is hoped that the vehicle will be delivered before the end of 2021. The Bolt is expected to be launched later this year and the Bolt EUV will be delivered in the summer of 2021, Bolt is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The two bolts will be built on the same platform and will be based on the GM BEV2 electric vehicle platform, not the Ultium battery platform. The vehicle is part of GM’s big push for electrification; GM CEO Mary Barra said the company’s goal is to sell one million EV a year.

We’ve seen photos of Bolt EUV spies, but all they show us is that it looks like a taller Bolt. While today’s image is shrouded in shadow, we took a good look at the differences in the front and rear lights as well as the EUV’s slimmer design.

2022 Chevy Bolt Spyshot

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Chevrolet has many new electric or electric vehicles under development. One of them is a comprehensively updated version of the Bolt, which will be combined with a high-riding version called the Bolt EUV. The latter is basically a rebadged and slightly altered version of the Buick Velite sold in China, while the former will be the direct successor of the original Bolt launched in 2016. Today we can share the first spy photos of the new Bolt.

The photos are from our colleagues and friends at CarExpert in Australia but were actually taken by a contributor to a publication in New York. A prototype Bolt was parked in an almost empty parking lot, giving journalist Derek Fung enough time and space to take some pictures.

From what we can see so far, the zero-emissions hatchback looks sharper than the outgoing Bolt. It’s too early to say for sure but it looks like the front will be heavily inspired by the new Blazer – and this also seems to include the split headlights. A layer of camouflage still covers the front fascia but two rows of lights slip under it.

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Not much is known about what goes under the skin. The current generation bolts are powered by an electric motor that produces a peak output of 201 horsepower (150 kilowatts) and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-meters) of torque. The distance between the two payloads is 258 miles (416 kilometers) as measured by EPA standards.

It’s worth mentioning that China’s special Buick Velite is underpowered at 174 hp (130 kW), while on a single battery charge it can cover 311 miles (500 km) as measured by the NEDC.

Much more needs to be revealed next year when Bolt will make his official debut. We expect sales to arrive at some point towards the second half of the year with sales starting in late 2021 or early 2022.

2022 Chevy Bolt Interior and Exterior

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It looks like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022, the SUV version of the small electric car with a bow tie, will still go on sale next summer. The EUV is the second vehicle in the Bolt electric car family. It is slightly larger, louder, and designed to look more SUV-like than a car and offer more interior space to play with. Most importantly, the Bolt EUV will be the first vehicle outside the Cadillac brand to offer the Super Cruise, a driver assist technology that enables hands-free driving on mapped roads.

As you can see from the teaser released by General Motors, the EUV has a much slimmer silhouette than the shabby Bolt hatchback, with a roofline ending at the rear spoiler. The beltline tilts gently upward as it moves from behind the A-pillar, and then lights up at the rear to meet the intersection of the roof and spoiler. The shape of the greenhouse makes the car look ready to take off.

The silhouette is much cleaner than the current 2020 Chevrolet Bolt as the roofline does not need to rise and curve over the heads of the driver and passengers. The longer and cleaner line of SUVs should make it instantly distinguishable from the conventional Bolt on the road. And the greenhouse doesn’t end abruptly, as it is in Bolt right now, making the original car look fat and a little awkward.

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It helps that the EUV is about five or six inches longer than the Bolt, including a wheelbase that grows to three inches – meaning more room in the back seat. And we were told it would have a sunroof. It seems that the roof rack will add to its usefulness. The cover taillights have a distinctive look, although the headlights look similar to conventional Bolts.

The Chevy Bolt carries the coat of GM electric cars for four years, but will soon be eclipsed by a series of electric vehicles under development for many GM brands over the next five years. GM said it will have 20 new electric vehicles on the roads by 2023.

The offensive began in the fall of 2021 with the GMC Hummer 2022 electric pickup followed later by an SUV, a full-size Chevy pickup, a mid-sized two-line SUV for Chevy, and two mid-range electric crossovers for the Buick, as well as a Cadillac. A Lyriq midsize SUV, an electric SUV the size of an Escalade, and a hand-made large executive Cadillac Celestiq sedan, which features a hatch instead of a trunk. All are being developed on the new BEV3 GM dedicated EV architecture and will use a new Ultium battery that charges faster and offers a wider range.

2022 Chevy Bolt EV Technology

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This color display appears to measure at least eight inches diagonally, although GM did not confirm the size in its press release. The display is on the energy usage tab in a short clip, which seems to convey information about the EV powertrain and battery charge level.

This screen is integrated into the Chevy Bolt EUV 2022 dashboard in a very similar way to the current Chevy Bolt EV screen, mounted on a “tab” that extends downward and sits just below the center HVAC vent. But the current Bolt EV has a variety of knobs and buttons mounted just below the touchscreen, the Bolt EUV dashboard ends where the screen works for a cleaner, more uniform look. This could mean that the Chevy has returned to touch-based control for things like the audio system and HVAC for the Bolt EUV, or has moved it to other parts of the dashboard/center console.

This same screen and dashboard layout is also likely to be used on the next generation Chevy Bolt EV hatchback, which is expected to arrive at the same time as the Chevy Bolt EUV crossover. These commuter electric cars are expected to share the same battery-electric powertrain and drive the same BEV2 platform, among other parts, and are expected to be built alongside one another at GM’s Lake Orion plant in Orion Township, Michigan.

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GM previously released a teaser image that reveals the silhouette of a Chevy Bolt EUV from the side, giving us a rough idea of ​​what it looks like. This crossover is expected to look like an evolved version of the current Chevy Bolt EV, but with higher ground clearance and a taller, straighter stance.

Additionally, GM has confirmed that the Chevy Bolt EUV will be the first available Bowtie badge vehicle with GM’s hands-free Super Cruise semi-autonomous drive system. The car manufacturer only offers this technology in Cadillac products to date.

Look out for the Chevy Bolt EUV to make its official debut in the coming months before it goes on sale in mid-2021. For now, check out the video embedded below for a better look at the EV dashboard design and infotainment screen.

2022 Chevy Bolt Engine

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But the updated Bolt 2021, and the addition of the 2022 EUV Bolt, remain on the current and aging BEV2 platform that gets some upgrades. And the 2020 Bolt does get a further range, increasing to 259 miles from 238 miles in 2019, and there have been some cosmetic improvements as well.

For 2021, the conventional Bolt will get new, more comfortable seats, improved dashboard material, and an updated infotainment system, we were told at an event in March. The electric car, which will also go on sale in the summer of 2021, is finally getting adaptive cruise control, and the gear selector switches to buttons. The battery has not changed.

2022 Chevy Bolt Price and Release Date

No word on price, range, battery capacity, or release schedule officially. Bolts currently start at $ 37,495. But we hope that now that Chevy has shared this teaser, more Bolt-related news will come from GM shortly.