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2025 Chevy Malibu: Originally planned for a 2025 model-year redesign, the current generation of the Chevy Malibu was due to end production at the end of 2023 or early 2024. However, news emerged last February that the Malibu would be canceled after the current model, which meant there would be no next generation unless GM decided to use the name for something else, such as an EV.

Now, rumors suggest that a next-generation Malibu may be released in 2024 (2025 model year) as originally planned. However, the new model may be somewhat different from the previous plans. It is said to use a modified version of the current platform, and the new model could be longer than previously anticipated.

This means that the new Malibu will not have a hybrid or EV version and will strictly use ICE. Although this may pose a problem in a few years, it makes sense for now. The current Malibu is still an attractive and comfortable car that is reasonably priced at $23,400 to start. It is even cheaper than a Honda Civic, despite being a mid-sized car.

There is still a market for a nice and affordable ICE sedan, and GM’s last sedan remains popular. Sales decreased in 2021 to around 40,000 units from over 102,000 the previous year, but they are expected to bounce back with over 90,000 sales in 2022.

Therefore, it is understandable why GM is considering keeping the Malibu around rather than investing in an all-new car.

By the time the new Malibu is released, competitors like the Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5 will be gone, and the redesigned Accord will look outdated. It is uncertain if Nissan will keep or redesign the Altima. Essentially, the new Camry, which will be released in about a year, will have the entire mid-sized sedan market to itself. With less competition, a new Malibu could potentially see even more sales.

2025 Chevy Malibu Review

In today’s auto market, the Chevy Malibu stands out as the only remaining Chevy sedan in the U.S., while most of the industry is shifting to EVs and crossovers are the trend. Despite this, sources familiar with the matter have revealed to GM Authority that GM has decided to continue the Chevy Malibu nameplate for at least one more generation.

2025 Chevy Malibu

This news is quite different from what was reported in the past by GM Authority. In 2019, it was stated that the current ninth-generation Chevy Malibu was set to end in 2024, and in 2020, it was uncertain if the Malibu nameplate would continue. However, sources have now revealed that GM has decided to continue the Chevy Malibu nameplate for at least one more generation.

New details about the upcoming next-gen Chevy Malibu have also been shared. The new model will ride on a variant of the GM VSS-F platform, specifically the larger D/E variant, which is different from the smaller platform variant that underpins the Chevy Trailblazer and Chevy Trax.

The next-gen Chevy Malibu will also be tagged with program code 9DSC-L, with “9D” referencing the VSS-F architecture, “S” referencing the sedan body style, “C” referencing the Chevy brand, and “L” referencing the long wheelbase structure. This architecture is also said to be a new iteration of the GM E2 architecture that underpins the current Chevy Malibu.

It is expected that the next-gen Malibu will be produced at the GM Fairfax plant in Kansas, the same facility that produces the current model, and production could begin as early as 2025, continuing through the 2031 calendar year. However, this timeline is subject to change in the future.

In terms of sales, the Chevy Malibu was ranked fourth in the midsize mainstream sedan segment through the first three quarters of the 2022 calendar year, with 79,799 units sold. Additionally, GM is reportedly developing a new non-crossover, D-segment EV, which will likely be a sedan or possibly a fastback. For now, this new non-crossover EV will be sold exclusively in China.

2025 Chevy Malibu News

The Chevy Malibu is the last Chevy sedan left in the US at a time when crossovers are all the rage and packs an internal combustion engine at a time when much of the industry is transitioning to electric vehicles. Nevertheless, GM Authority has learned that The General has decided to keep the Chevy Malibu nameplate for at least another generation.

The news may come as a surprise to readers who have been following GM Authority’s coverage thus far. Back in 2019, we reported that the current ninth-generation Chevy Malibu was scheduled to be discontinued in 2024, while in 2020, we reported that the future of the Malibu nameplate was still uncertain. But now, GM Authority has learned from sources familiar with the matter that GM has decided to keep the Malibu nameplate for at least another generation.

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Not only that, we now have some interesting details to share about GM’s plans for the next-generation Chevy Malibu. For starters, the new model will use a variant of the GM VSS-F platform, specifically the larger D/E variant. This variant differs from the smaller platform variant underlying the Chevy Trailblazer and Chevy Trax, also known as the VSS-F B/C platform variant.

The next-generation Chevy Malibu will also be marked with the 9DSC-L program code, with “9D” referring to the VSS-F architecture, “S” referring to the sedan body style, “C” referring to the Chevy brand, and “L” referring to the wheelbase structure. the long one. From our understanding, this architecture can also be considered a new iteration of the GM E2 architecture that underlies the current Chevy Malibu.

Moving forward, the next-generation Malibu is expected to be produced at GM’s Fairfax plant in Kansas, the same facility that produces the current model. Production may begin as early as 2025, and last until the calendar year 2031. However, it is possible that this timeline could change in the future.

The Chevy Malibu ranked fourth in the mainstream midsize sedan segment in terms of sales through the first three quarters of the 2022 calendar year, with 79,799 units sold:

Based on previous GM Authority coverage, GM is also working on a new non-crossover D-segment electric vehicle, most likely a sedan, but possibly a fastback as well. For now, this new non-crossover EV looks like it will be sold exclusively in China, at least for now.

2025 Chevy Malibu Report

This latest rumor follows previous reports that the Malibu might be retired in 2024. According to GM Authority, a new generation is planned for 2025, possibly based on a modified version of the current platform. Motor1.com has reached out to Chevrolet for comment on this report, but we have not received a response.

We share this information because there is strong evidence to support the continued existence of the Malibu. We’re still waiting for Chevrolet’s complete 2022 sales data, but as of October, Malibu sales were up 148 percent compared to 2021. Chevy sold 79,799 units in the first three quarters of this year, but only 39,376 Malibus were sold in all of 2021.

It outsells several popular Chevrolet SUVs, including the Blazer, Traverse, Trailblazer, Suburban, and Tahoe. It also outsells the Chevrolet Colorado, but the midsize truck’s sales will likely increase next year thanks to a new-generation model that debuted in July. Outside of General Motors, the Malibu is far behind the best-selling sedan, the Toyota Camry, which recorded sales of 214,403 units as of October 2022.

If the Malibu sticks around for a second generation with a modified version of the existing chassis, it will likely have an internal combustion engine. General Motors isn’t holding back in promoting its Ultium-powered electric future, but with states like California and Oregon set to ban the sale of internal combustion vehicles by 2035, there may still be time for another generation of ICEs.

The Chevrolet Malibu moniker has a long and illustrious history dating back to 1964. After a hiatus in the 1980s and 1990s, it made a comeback in 1997 and has remained part of Chevy’s sedan lineup ever since. The current generation model debuted in 2016, with a mid-cycle redesign in 2019.

Next-Gen Chevy Malibu 2025

The Chevrolet Malibu is one of the few sedans available for new car buyers to choose from, and there are rumors that it may continue for at least one more generation, despite previous reports that it would be discontinued in 2024.

GM Authority claims to have an insider who says that a new generation is planned for 2025, possibly using a modified version of the current platform. However, Chevrolet has not yet commented on this rumor.

There is evidence to support the continued existence of the Malibu, as sales were up 148 percent in October 2022 compared to the previous year. Chevy sold 79,799 units in the first three quarters of 2022, compared to only 39,376 in all of 2021. The Malibu is outselling several notable Chevrolet SUVs and is beating the Chevrolet Colorado, but is still far behind the best-selling sedan, the Toyota Camry, which sold 214,403 units through October 2022.

If the Malibu does continue for another generation, it is likely to offer internal combustion power, as General Motors is promoting its Ultium-powered electric future. However, there may still be time for one more internal combustion engine generation, given that some states plan to ban new internal combustion car sales by 2035.

The Malibu has a long history with Chevrolet dating back to 1964 and has been a staple in Chevy’s sedan lineup since returning in 1997. The current-generation model dates back to 2016, with a mid-cycle facelift in 2019.

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2025 Malibu Update

General Motors had initially set an end date for production of the Chevy Malibu on June 20, 2023, but this date has been postponed due to the car’s surprising and impressive increase in sales compared to other midsize sedans. This decision has been made despite GM’s tendency to prioritize company accounting.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the auto industry hard, and midsize sedans like the Malibu were particularly affected, especially with the rise of electric vehicles. However, the Malibu’s popularity has unexpectedly surged, with GM Authority reporting a massive 193.24% increase in sales during the 2021-2022 sales year, rising from 39,376 units to 115,467 units, making it the biggest increase in sales among midsize sedans.

A while back, General Motors (GM) had planned to stop making the Chevy Malibu on June 20, 2023. However, after executives in Detroit saw impressive sales figures, they decided to delay the end date. Despite the difficult times automakers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chevy Malibu managed to increase its sales by an astounding 193.24% in the 2021-2022 sales year, making it the only midsize sedan to experience a significant rise in popularity.

In comparison, every other midsize sedan saw a decrease in sales, including well-known models such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. The Nissan Altima was the only other midsize sedan to have a sales increase, but it only saw a 34.86% bump. With the Chevy Malibu ranking fourth in its class, GM has decided to continue producing the model until July 2023, instead of ending production in June.

While the impressive sales figures were not the only reason GM decided to continue production, they do serve as evidence that their decision to delay the end date was a smart one. Although most of Chevrolet’s next-generation cars are not expected to hit the market until 2025, a 2024 Chevy Malibu will still be produced, despite being a carryover model.

GM made some changes to the Malibu in the 2019 model year, but since then, they have only made minor adjustments, such as reducing the number of trim levels and adding standard safety features.

Despite the global economic challenges and the decline of traditional gasoline-powered sedans, the current Malibu has managed to remain in production due to its impressive sales figures. The upcoming generation of the Chevy Malibu is expected to be built on the modular GM VSS-F D/E platform, which is larger than the VSS-F B/C architecture used for the Trax and Trailblazer SUVs.

The engine for the tenth-generation Malibu is likely to be similar to that of the 2023 model, which only has one drivetrain configuration: a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 163 horsepower and a continuously variable automatic transmission. However, as competitors like Toyota and Stellantis are expected to release all-electric midsize sedans in 2025, the next-generation Malibu may also be electric.

2025 Chevy Malibu Sporty 4-Door Redesign

These days we inventive digital automotive content artists are desperate for some satisfaction, and the folks behind the Real Automotive channel on YouTube have synchronized the latest news with their unsanctioned CGI version of the 2025 Malibu.

The resident pixel master likely used some AI software magic to turn the affordable but bland 2024 Malibu into a proper sports sedan, complete with the latest design trends – the rear has an LED light strip that stretches the width of the car, and the front looks like it’s borrowing a page from aggressiveness Camaro.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether these unofficial design efforts have anything to do with reality.

Frankly, Chevrolet now has a lot of room between the $25k to $32,595 Malibu and the Corvette Stingray, which starts at at least $68,300. As a result, we wouldn’t mind if Chevy decided to fill the void with a sportier Malibu – the SS version would look fantastic alongside the tenth-generation midsize sedan.

2025 Chevy Malibu Sporty Two-Door Coupe

Rumors are circulating that the long-awaited tenth generation, announced in 2015, is about to arrive. As a result, reports suggest that Chevrolet will keep the budget midsize four-door sedan brand alive with a new edition for the 2025 model year based on the VSS-F D/E architecture and perhaps even an EV alternative based on the Ultium. platforms next year.

As usual, whenever rumors are circulating, there is also fire coming from the imaginative arena of digital car content providers. So, the guys over at the YouTube channel Q Cars are hoping to wow and amaze audiences with their vision for the tenth generation of the updated Chevy Malibu.

Their fixed pixel masters typically use AI-assisted software design assets, and this may be the case here as well. However, technology continues to advance, and this unofficial 2025 Chevrolet Malibu doesn’t look so bad – the sedan’s styling coordinates remain intact with a large main grille and a smaller, superior one that now houses a black bowtie

The headlights are also slimmer, as is the rest of the sedan’s body, and the fog lights have been replaced with new LED DRLs. Hidden door handles add a touch of quality to the design, and that’s all for the four doors.

However, the second variant of the usual design concept is not a slightly modified sedan, but rather a two-door coupe complete with full-width taillights and the same elegant styling as the four-door Malibu. Isn’t that great?

2025 Chevy Malibu Engine

The 2025 Chevy Malibu comes with a choice of two engines. The base engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 160 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for smooth and efficient shifting.

For drivers who want more power, the Malibu also comes with an available 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 250 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission for a more engaging driving experience.

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2025 Chevy Malibu Interior

The interior of the 2025 Chevy Malibu has been designed with both style and comfort in mind. The seats are upholstered in premium materials, with plenty of legroom for passengers in both the front and back seats. The new infotainment system is user-friendly, with a large touchscreen display and easy-to-use controls.

The Malibu also has several convenient features, such as a wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones and a hands-free power liftgate. The panoramic sunroof adds to the spacious feel of the interior, providing plenty of natural light and a stunning view of the sky above.

2025 Chevy Malibu Exterior

The exterior of the 2025 Chevy Malibu is sleek and modern, with a sporty and aerodynamic look. The front grille has been updated with a hexagonal design, and the headlights have been slimmed down for a more aggressive appearance.

The Malibu’s body lines have also been updated to improve its aerodynamics, reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency.

The rear of the Malibu has also been updated, with new taillights that wrap around the sides of the car. The rear bumper has been updated with a more aggressive design, and the exhaust tips have been moved to a more central location.

2025 Chevy Malibu Colors

The 2025 Chevy Malibu comes in a variety of colors:

  1. Lakeshore Blue Metallic
  2. Mineral Gray Metallic
  3. Mosaic Black Metallic
  4. Radiant Red Tintcoat
  5. Sterling Gray Metallic
  6. Summit White

2025 Chevy Malibu Price

The 2025 Chevy Malibu has a starting price of around $24,000 for the base model. The price increases with each trim level and additional features. The higher-end Premier trim level, with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, has a starting price of around $35,000.

2025 Chevy Malibu Release Date

The 2025 Chevy Malibu is expected to be released in late 2024, with availability at dealerships shortly thereafter. While the exact release date has not been confirmed, industry experts expect the Malibu to be available to consumers by early 2025.


Overall, the 2025 Chevy Malibu is a well-rounded midsize sedan that offers both style and functionality. The redesign and refreshments have given the Malibu a more modern look, while the updated technology and safety features make it a great choice for families and commuters alike.

With a choice of engines and plenty of available features, the Malibu offers something for everyone. While the starting price is a bit higher than some of its competitors, Malibu’s high-end features and impressive performance make it a great value for the price.

Thank you for sticking with us, we will continue to update more information on the 2025 Chevy Malibu will be available soon, so be sure to bookmark the Chevy Models website to get the latest Chevy Malibu news and comprehensive Chevrolet news updates.

People also ask Chevy Malibu 2025

Q: Will there be a 2025 Chevy Malibu?

A: According to GM Authority, the redesigned Chevrolet Malibu could be released as soon as 2025 and stay in production until 2031. Furthermore, in addition to the Malibu, Chevrolet is reportedly developing an all-electric D-segment sedan, which is expected to be launched exclusively in China, at least initially.

Q: Will there be a 2024 Chevy Malibu?

A: As per insiders at GM Authority, the regular production for the 2024 Chevy Malibu is scheduled to commence on June 21st, 2023, at the GM Fairfax facility located in Kansas City, much like the 2023 Chevy Malibu.

Q: Is Chevy going to redesign the Malibu?

A: 2025.

Q: Is there a 2023 Malibu?

A: GM Authority reports that the production of the 2023 Chevy Malibu is set to begin on September 7th, 2022, marking the start of the eighth model year for the nameplate’s ninth generation.

Video Discovery 2025 Chevrolet Malibu

In this video session, we also present a short video published by Ben Hardy, where in this 8:00 minute video Ben reveals the title of his video 2024 Chevy Malibu: Better Than A Camry.

We also hope that the next-generation model in the 2025 Chevy Malibu will also provide significant impressions and updates. Hopefully, it can help and have happy wonderful days.