2022 Chevy Chevelle: New Chevy Chevelle Super Sport Car Review

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2022 Chevy Chevelle: The original Chevrolet Chevelle was produced in 1964 and quickly became famous among mid-sized cars. It was produced during the rest of the 1960s and most of the 1970s before being discontinued in 1978.

Even though GM ceased production of its vehicles, many automotive enthusiasts have made it one of the brand’s most successful products.

Chevelle’s journey left many fans wondering if they would ever get a chance to buy another new 2022 Chevy Chevelle.

We were thrilled when Chevrolet built the 2022 Chevy Chevelle concept model and showed it off at the North American International Auto Show in 2003.

The model looks phenomenal thanks to the use of the Chevrolet SuperSuper design. It had the same aggressive posture and streak that made the Chevelle a hit when it first came out in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the 2003 concept was never produced.

2022 Chevelle – New Chevy Chevelle Review

The 2022 Chevelle SS/70 is a new muscle car that celebrates an old car of great power.

US company Trans Am Worldwide has revealed the first images of its newest car that pays homage to one of the most famous of all muscle cars, the Chevy Chevelle 2023 Super Sport.


Welcome to New Chevelle, the modern version of that V8 monster. TAW refers to the redesigned pony car as the 70/SS; one that has been “seven years in the making”, available with 450bhp from the entry-level LT-1 6.2-liter V8, 900bhp, and 1,500bhp options that annoy the Bugatti Chiron from the ‘LS6/X 454’ version.

There are quite a several Yee, and perhaps a fairly large number of haws. Only 25 versions of the car will be made, so like the car, you have to be fast. All get a choice of a manual or automatic gearbox, and all, of course, have rear-wheel drive.

Assuming you are on board with the appearance of the New Chevelle SS. There are no specifics about the “modern platform” that the 70/SS is on, but the Trans Am Bandit Edition that the TG rode some time ago used the foundation of the Camaro. To that end, TAW has rearranged the outline of the SS grid into the hulk you see above.

“Legacy colors” will be available, while “modern three-stage custom colors” are offered for customers who want something more “spirited”. Each car starts at $150k, though get a happy trigger of your preference and those prices will go up.

“Our engineers and technicians have invested thousands of hours to reimagine this automotive icon on a modern platform,” said TAW boss Tod Warmack. “And we’re doing it in a way that pays the strongest possible homage to one of the most popular models of the muscle car era.”

What does this mean for TAW’s Trans Am cars? “It’s time for a total redesign, so Trans Am is on leave until we reintroduce a new design. We are now focusing all our efforts and resources on the 2022 Chevy Chevelle SS (70/SS),” added Warmack.

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2022 Chevy Chevelle: Is Chevrolet Bringing Back the Chevelle?

Now Chevrolet is making a new Chevelle Concept car to be introduced to the world in 2022. We’re not sure how many different concepts Chevy will run until they designate the vehicle for production.

They used the 2003 model as a starting point, which may imply that they have made some kind of breakthrough to make this car more viable.

For now, all anyone can do is wait until 2022 and see what Chevrolet engineers are up to date as they showcase their latest Chevelle at an auto show. That gives us plenty of time to dive into the multilevel history of this vehicle and consider how the past will inform the future.

2022 Chevelle SS: New Chevelle SS Rendered With Two-Tone Cool

The Chevy Chevelle nameplate was produced between 1963 and 1977, with three generations coming and going in that time. In that relatively short time, Chevelle established itself as a true fan favorite, and now, a digital artist is reviving his name with a modernized rendering.

New Chevelle SS Rendered With Two-Tone Cool

Recently posted to social media by Instagram user @wb.artist20, this rendering of a modern Chevy Chevelle looks aggressive and stylish.

GM Authority has covered wb.artist20’s previous work, including a modernized Aztec Pontiac, a modern Chevy Monte Carlo, and a modern full-size Chevy Blazer, and true to its form, this modernized Chevelle combines new and old cues in equal parts.

Looking at this modernized rendering of the Chevy Chevelle, there are sure to be some old-school cues to choose from.

At the front, the quad headlights shine forward with distinctive U-shaped lighting, linked to horizontal LED headlights and a center-placed SS badge on the top grille. Beveled corner lights help frame the lower air intake, complementing the hood-like outline.

Moving back along the sides, we find this modernized Chevy Chevelle lowered on a set of polished five-spoke Chevrolet Camaro SS wheels, neatly placed under the square fenders.

The lower line of style breaks up the panel lines, as does the additional crease above the fender. Also notable is the two-tone color treatment, with a yellow-orange hue for the underside of the vehicle, and a dark gray finish for the canopy.

With its wide and low posture, this modern Chevy Chevelle certainly looks aggressive. The question is – is this design true to the original?

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The History of the Chevy Chevelle

The first Chevelle entered service, selling over 76,000 cars right after its introduction in the 1964 model year. There are two separate engine sizes, each available in various configurations. By 1964, the Chevelle had reached a maximum horsepower of 300.

The least powerful Chevelle available still makes 195 horsepower, which is still impressive compared to many midsize cars (especially considering it was nearly six decades ago).

In the middle of the 1965 model year, just a year after the Chevy 2022 Chevy Chevelle concept was introduced, Chevrolet took this already powerful vehicle to the next level. They released a V8 engine known by some as the RPO Z-16.

It brings up to 350 horsepower, and the Chevy still hasn’t finished upgrading. They also introduced the 1965 Chevelle Z-16 with a large block V8 capable of reaching 375 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. torque.

The Chevelle continued as a mid-sized car until 1973 when it was redesigned and became significantly larger. The car is no longer as sporty as it used to be, and is no longer available as a convertible.

One of the reasons there weren’t any Chevelles convertibles from 1973 to 1977 is because the top now has columns that extend from the sides of the car to the roof.

This same period made the Chevelle less sporty and introduced a luxury series. A Chevelle coupe did arrive in 1976, but sadly, it was too little, too late for the legendary car.

Many people fortunate enough to know what the early Chevelles have to offer have been waiting a long time for the revival of the beloved Chevy powerhouse. Now we may be approaching some big answers, exuberance swells, and rumors swirling.

It’s hard to know when you can believe rumors of a new car and when you can’t, but that doesn’t stop people from talking. We hope that Chevelle 2022 will be a hot topic until its release, especially as the big announcement draws near, and the anticipation peaks.

2022 Chevy Chevelle Rumors and News

Sources have said that the Chevelle 2022 concept will be smaller than the midsize sedan, which makes sense if you consider how the Chevelle took its path to retirement when it expanded in 1973. The vehicle will have a classic style to it, which is in line with what we saw from the concept model. 2003.

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There are also rumors that Chevrolet is preparing a Chevelle for the Detroit Auto Show in 2022. If not, the American automaker remains tight-lipped about the potential of the Chevelle 2022 concept. As concept disclosures draw near and designs are refined, we may start to get more clues about the matter. -things to come.

Chevy Chevelle Nameplate

Chevrolet filed a trademark associated with the Chevelle in 2013, which shows that they are already thinking about the vehicle they are working on. The trademark is associated with the exterior badge for an appearance on this vehicle.

Trademark regulations require companies to demonstrate something before being eligible for a trademark, so it’s reasonable to believe that Chevy has made progress since the last concept car in 2003.

Some might say that the new exterior badge isn’t what they like the most regarding the new Chevelle, and that’s a fair point. It will likely be more interesting in the overall appearance and strength of this new vehicle.

However, this trademark shows that Chevrolet thought a lot about how it wanted this vehicle to look and came up with some original ideas that are worth protecting.

Also, there is even more evidence that they are taking the Chevelle 2022 seriously and have been making progress over the years. You can’t rush into art, and this new vehicle will most likely become a masterpiece.

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2022 Chevelle Design

It’s hard for car enthusiasts to wait while the company takes the time to think things through for a new design. The great thing about designing concept cars is that they allow automakers to make bold decisions and set high goals.

Things can be changed, increased, or minimized for future iterations if needed. Given that the concept vehicle was introduced in 2003 without being produced, we believe the new Chevelle will not be made until ready.

The engineers at Chevrolet are known for taking advantage of all available technology to create a vehicle that can offer a beautiful appearance and outstanding performance. It is very interesting when the approach to building cars is combined with classic vehicles.

We recently saw the company take a modern approach to classic power with the newer Corvette, so it sure does. We already have some ideas for what the Chevelle 2022 concept looks like.

2022 Chevy Chevelle Engine

Those who love the original Chevelle will want to know what kind of innovation this new concept has to offer. We have heard rumors that the Chevelle may come with a six-liter V8 engine that delivers incredible power to the six-speed manual transmission.

The first Chevelle had 300 horsepower in 1964, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the 2022 concept brought 400. That kind of power in a compact to a mid-body would make for a thrilling experience.

The manual transmission will certainly add something that might interest people who are already interested in this car. Chevelle will most likely make headlines because of its strength and the history behind it.

Many serious drivers who want a sporty and powerful vehicle will be attracted by the control given to them via the manual transmission. Those who find the Chevelle more attractive because of its place among all-time American classics will honor the change of the stick from nostalgia.

GM Zeta Platform

There has been some speculation that the new Chevelle will use GM’s Zeta platform. Developed by GM’s Australian subsidiary Holden, Zeta is also called “Global RWD Architecture”. Its architecture is designed to be very flexible and accommodate vehicles of various wheelbase lengths, rooflines, and different ride heights.

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It will be interesting to see if the Zeta Chevelle platform becomes a reality as we haven’t seen GM use this particular rear-wheel-drive platform since they stopped making Holden Commodore for the Australian market in 2017.

We didn’t know that Chevrolet would generate ideas so quickly after putting them aside, but we can. so the new Chevelle got them interested in revisiting some of its other promising designs.

2022 Chevy Chevelle Concept Technology

The new version of Chevelle is always destined to be a blast from the past, and many of the rumors we hear support that idea. Even so, car enthusiasts should know that Chevrolet is not going to release anything outdated or disappointing.

This concept is sure to marry a rich history with an exciting future to produce something that can only be described as a gift to the automotive community. Expect to have advanced tech features both on the dashboard and under the hood.

Chevy has proven time and time again that, although they never stop growing, they also know how to stay true to their past. There will be a tribute paid to the things that made the previous Chevelle an icon, but it will also be a step forward for the American auto industry.

The 1964 Chevelle is ahead of its time, and this one will also be. Classic designs will have a contemporary touch, and their performance will be something new for us to enjoy.

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2020 Chevelle Appearance

When you think of the Chevy Chevelle, several things come to mind right away. It is known for its long straight lines that start right in front with a wide grid. It’s the corners and contours of the 2022 Chevy Chevelle that make it special and memorable.

The way the Chevrolet design team can connect relatively flat areas helps to make the car look stiff and tough without being boxy. At the same time, it’s sleek and sporty without looking outlandish or pretentious.

It was this seemingly impossible combination that made the original Chevelle such an icon. The 2022 concept model will likely aim for the same balance. This may be one of those cars that looks like a luxury vehicle from afar but seems to turn into a track-ready monster when he pulls it a little closer. It’s just impossible to say what the current Chevelle will be like. Given Chevy’s track record, we’re sure it would be worth a second look and then some.

2022 Chevy Chevelle Release Date

We’ve heard rumors that this concept will launch at the Detroit Auto Show in 2022, but not many support it. Realistically, this vehicle could be showcased for the first time anywhere in 2022. We certainly hope as soon as possible.

Even if the 2022 concept is successful and the vehicle is set for production, it will likely be at least a year or more before the new Chevelle model becomes available for sale. It’s been such a long time since we had new Chevelles that it will take a few more years to get something polished.

2022 Chevy Chevelle Test Drive

For now, all we can do is speculate on whether the return of the Chevelle concept will live up to our expectations. Seeing the quality of the vehicle, Chevrolet recently released; it’s safe to be optimistic.

Based on the work they did to make the 2020 Corvette the most powerful Corvette ever, it seems evident that the engineers behind this vehicle have a solid understanding of how to generate massive amounts of muscle. As soon as this car is available, we will take it to Arizona.

Find your nearest Chevy Dealer location and get ready to bring back one of the most epic vehicles in American automotive history.